Saturday, September 17, 2011

My hands are full.

   So the temps are starting to drop. Its time to start working the lines that have been bouncing around in my imagination all summer. I went out for a quick night session with my friend Micheal last nite and I was amazed by how good the friction was. I didn't send anything new, nor did I expect to but I felt strong. I'm not in prime condition yet but that's ok. Time heals all weaknesses right? It's so hard to find time for all my projects. Some are boulder problems that require pure power, then there are the bold gear lines that require finesse and mental fortitude and lastly there are the sport lines that require endurance and power. Its really hard to work all of those specific needs at the same time. I refuse to walk away from one discipline to work another. I'm just not one of those people, you know the ones that identify with one style and one style only ( usually because they suck at the others). I'm way to hyperactive to stick with one thing. I have to be able to jump between projects. When one stifles me I can move onto another that requires a totally different skill set. This allows me step back from the situation and come back with a fresh mentality and new ideas.
   My biggest obstacle now is finding a partner that's psyched on the same things that I am. I can boulder alone if I have to but for up-climbs a partner is pretty crucial. I refuse to rope-solo. Dumb! I find that its very important to have a partner that is as invested in a project as you are, otherwise the energy fades. I'm super psyched to try some hard lines this Sunday with my friend Camden. I've been waiting for cool weather to make an on-sight attempt, so now I have no excuse. I'm really excited to see where my head game is at right now. The mental aspect of climbing is so hard to judge until you are mid crux and pumped/scared. Only then do you realize whether or not you on your game. Oh well. Guess I will find out Sunday!

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  1. your blog posts make me hot and heavy for some rough granite...

    send hard